I’ve seen a lot of those prosthetics, but nothing as beautiful and realistic as that. It is not just a prosthesis, it is a functional work of art!

Tim GutierrezDentist at Smiles of Katy

Excellent work! 👨‍🎨 Artist, super craftsman.

Alessandro PozziFull Professor in Odontostomatological Sciences

A masterpiece. Texture and shine extremely close to the gingival nature. Exquisite work

Alvaro GraciaPresident at Advanced Dental Care Of Norton - Massachusetts

Beautiful works. I truly believe that to be a great cosmetic dentist it takes a rare combination of being able to use your scientific / analytical side to position and maintain a new healthy smile and the artistic / creative side to create a smile made to … smile ! I think it’s fair to say that your works are …

Jaren WoeppelPerioLase® periodontal consultant