He graduated in 1987 as a Master of Art with specialization in metals and free design at the A. Vittoria State Institute (Trento).
He immediately began to take an interest in dentistry and dental technology and in 1991 he graduated in dental technology at the G. Galilei institute (Bolzano). In 1992 he obtained a Masters in dental technology at the same institute.
In 1991 he began his activity as a dental technician and since 2002 he is the owner of his own dental laboratory in Trento. Since 2008 he has approached digital technology associated with dentistry and dental technology in general, also becoming an integral part of companies in the sector in the development and research of CAD-CAM systems, specific software and materials applied to modern dentistry.
He specializes and dedicates himself above all to important implant rehabilitations, associated with prostheses with specific and dedicated materials, such as technopolymers, titanium and zirconia and in aesthetic cases with minimal or no-prep preparations. The cases carried out follow for the most part the concept of CDP (Complete Digital Patient), conceived by the same in order to make the patient the “fulcrum” around which the whole work team revolves in every rehabilitation. Consequently, it is possible to minimize possible errors in planning and prosthetic treatment.

He publishes several articles on the subject in trade journals both nationally and internationally. He holds conferences and individual and collective courses on national and international territory on the treatment of materials in rehabilitation, on their aesthetic purposes and on the concept of the Digital Patient.
Antonio Corradini